Lightyear Frontier release date set for March on Xbox and PC

The sci-fi mech-based farming sim Lightyear Frontier is coming out in Early Access for PC and Xbox Series X|S on 19th March, Frame Break and Amplifier Studios have announced.

Not only that, but the game will be in Xbox Game Pass on day one, and if you can’t wait the six and a half weeks until then, there’s a free demo available on both Xbox and PC right now!

Lightyear Frontier promises a fresh taking on the farming sim genre, by kit bashing it together with the fantasy of piloting a great big stompy mech around the world. The difference here is that these mechs are less Gundam or 40K Dreadnaughts, and more John Deere or Cat.

The fundamental gameplay will be familiar with a blend of base building, resource management and crafting item, mech upgrades and more. As you touch down on a picturesque planet, you’ll still have problems to solve, such as cleaning up polluted regions to help rejuvenate the land, and uncovering an ancient mystery behind this corrupted nature.

The mech will make all of this a piece of cake, thanks to having a great big chainsaw for fighting…. your way through trees and plants that you’re harvesting, and a great big machine gun for blasting…. the ground with seeds that you’re planting. There’s no combat in this game, just whimsically aggressive agriculture.

All of this can be played solo, but the game also features co-op multiplayer for up to four players, and with full cross-play between console and PC, which is always good to see.

Ahead of launch, a demo is available from today for both Xbox and PC that features an early section of the broader adventure, and Lightyear Frontier will also feature in the Steam Next Fest that is taking part next week.

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