Rainbow Six: SMOL announced for mobile, Netflix required

There is a new Rainbow Six game coming, and it is exclusively for mobile. That game, announced by Ubisoft, is Rainbow Six: SMOL and it is being published by Netflix. That means you will need a Netflix account to access the game as it is only available exclusively through the streaming company’s own service. It is also available now.

Rainbow Six: SMOL is a top down roguelite in which players have to take on various missions as a new recruit, and save the world of SMOL. The environments are full destructible, and you have the choice to sneak through missions or level every building to meet your aims. You will put a squad together, using already established characters like Sledge and Valkyrie. Your team loadout will depend on your own playstyle preference. The download links  for Rainbow Six: SMOL are below.

There is replayability mentioned for the game too as all missions and maps are procedurally generated.

Source: YouTube

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