See the re-reveal trailer for Unknown 9: Awakening

Bandai Namco and Reflector Entertainment dropped a new trailer for their third person narrative action adventure game Unknown 9: Awakening. The game is coming out this summer.

There’s some real supernatural stuff going on there, isn’t there? The trailer introduces us to the protagonist Haroona, who has to delve in and uncover humanity’s best-kept secrets, while using her ability to delve in the Fold shadow dimension, whether that’s ripping someone’s soul out of their body or leaping into another person to use their weapons.

Giving us a deeper look at the game on Xbox Wire, Jennifer Benjamin, Senior Editorial Content Manager, Reflector reveals, “You’ll step into Haroona’s shoes following a life-changing loss. At first, revenge is all you’re after, but the Unknown 9 universe has other plans. Before you know it, in addition to seeking vengeance, you find yourself on a globetrotting journey, uncovering powerful hidden knowledge. This puts you on a collision course with the Ascendants, a breakaway faction of a secret society known as the Leap Year Society. Founded by the brilliant and ruthless Vincent Lichter, Unknown 9: Awakening’s main antagonist, this dangerous splinter group intends to use the Fold in ways that could jeopardize the future of humankind.”

Unknown 9: Awakening was first announced back in 2020, with a target of launching in 2021. Clearly they’ve missed that target, but they’ve also brought together what looks to be a rather interesting experience. We look forward to seeing more in the near future.

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