Solar Raiders revealed, is a co-op bullet hell roguelite

Solar Raiders has been announced by Robi Studios as its second game, following on from is 2021 release of Blue Fire. Solar Raiders has been described as third person co-op roguelite where dungeons keep changing, and you can unlock more perks the more you progress. Solar Raiders is not due to release until 2025, but a demo is on Steam for those curious to try it out.

The Solar Raiders features as outlined by Robi Studio include:

● Third-Person Movement Shooter – Jump, dash, slide, wall run, hook and much more
in this frenetic fast paced platformer-shooter.
● Challenging Bullet Hell – Dance through a rain of bullets while unleashing chaos.
● 4 Player Co-op – Embark on a cosmic quest solo, or online with friends.
● Dungeon Crawler – Snatch your map, explore and loot ever changing intergalactic
locations in an attempt to ultimately steal the Solar Core.
● Unique Replayable Runs – Guns, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers, Ice Beams
and … Bubble Blowers? Create unstoppable builds mixing crazy weapons, perks and
● Roguelite experience – Gear up, make friends with criminals and unlock permanent
upgrades at the Hub between runs.
● Vibrant & Fun Art Style – You’ve been kidnapped by The Big Boss and forced on a
mission to steal the Solar Core. Unleash destruction in this fun & vibrant universe.
● Character Customization – Express your creativity and create your space raider as
you like choosing clothes, emotes and more.

The gist of the story is that you have been kidnapped by someone called The Big Boss, and go on missions in an effort to steal the Solar Core. The game is playable solo but it seems like co-op is how it should be experienced. The trailer shows a number of customisation options that will be available to players, which will likely be unlocked using in game currency.

Source: Press Release

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