Disney Speedstorm Muppets event adds iconic new character

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Gameloft has revealed a Disney Speedstorm Muppets time limited event, which introduces Kermit the Frog as a playable character.

As with any new racer, in order to unlock Kermit you will need to earn 10 character-specific tokens. These can found in premium loot boxes or earned by completing challenges in the time limited Kermit event races.

Here’s an overview of Kermit’s unique skills:

“This Speedster Class racer is all about getting ahead of the competition and he’s bringing a musical touch to his race towards victory with his Unique Skill – Banjo Connection!

Banjo Connection’s normal activation – Kermit the Frog plays an energizing melody on his banjo, generating boost fuel. If another racer gets close to Kermit the Frog, they get a small speed boost while Kermit the Frog gains a huge speed boost.

Banjo Connection’s charged activation – Kermit the Frog plays a calming melody on his banjo, rendering him invulnerable for a short amount of time. If an opponent gets too close to him during this time, they’ll have their top speed reduced while Kermit the Frog gains increased boost fuel generation.”

Disney Speedstorm originally launched in 2023 and received a slew of seasonal updates, adding various Disney characters and circuits. The latest season – Sugar Rush – is currently live with a spread of new Wreck-It-Ralph content. In our recent Disney Speedstorm review, we scored it a 7/10, saying that:

“Despite being drenched in familiar IP, Disney Speedstorm isn’t the kind of idle kart racing shovelware older gamers grew up with. There’s a clear reverence for the characters it features and their fantastical worlds, evidenced by the passion in Speedstorm’s art direction and soundscape. When coupled with Gameloft’s previous racing hits, the result is something that caters for casual gamers and genre die-hards alike. Just beware that whilethis virtual Disneyland-on-wheels is free, some of its main attractions come at a cost, whether spending time grinding away in queues to meet your favourite Disney mascots, or paying cash for that VIP fast-track.”

You can download the game for free on PC, mobile, and consoles (except Nintendo Switch) complete with crossplay.

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