Rise of the Ronin update 1.06 makes combat changes

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Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have released Rise of the Ronin update 1.06. Ready to download on PS5, this latest patch includes a small number of changes and improvements for the 2024 open-world samurai simulator.

Released back in March, Rise of the Ronin follows a string of celebrated action RPGs developed by Team Ninja, the studio that brought us both the modern Ninja Gaiden series as well as Dead or Alive. More recently, they’ve given genre fans a more fast-paced and frenetic alternative to Fromsoftware’s Soulsborne saga with hits such as the Nioh series and 2023’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

In our Rise of the Ronin review, Aran adored the diverse combat and interweaving character plots, calling the game “a massive gamble for Team Ninja, known for its more linear action games, but it’s one that has paid off. Rise of the Ronin has a lot of depth to it from the satisfying combat, to all the side activities across three broad regions, and the plethora of excellent characters. This game should mark the start of a grand new era for Team Ninja.”

Building on that success, the game has received a number of post-launch updates. For the newest wave of changes you can review the Rise of the Ronin update 1.06 patch notes below.

Rise of the Ronin Update 1.06 Patch Notes


  • Adjusted and buffed the new set bonuses that were added in Ver. 1.05.
  • “Prodigious Dragon”
  • Adjusted “Upgraded Counterspark”, so that successful countersparks are now slightly easier to do. “Ferocious Tiger”
  • Adjusted “Ki Regeneration (Blade Flash)” to now also activate on Flash Attacks as well.
  • Adjusted and reduced knockback distance on successful countersparks on attacks from certain enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare bug where the game would crash on grapple attacks hitting enemies.
  • Fixed bug where you could not rescue players when under specific conditions.
  • Katana: Hayabusa-ryu – Fixed bug where you could not counterspark after charge attacks.
  • Fixed rare bug where attacks would not register on certain enemies.
  • Fixed rare bug where restoring public order in Unruly Areas would crash the game. Other minor fixes.

Rise of the Ronin is now available to play, exclusively on PS5.
Source: X (@TeamNINJAStudio)

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