Phantom Blade Zero stuns with new combat gameplay

A new gameplay video gives PlayStation fans a closer look at upcoming action RPG, Phantom Blade Zero. The new trailer, dubbed “The Blade is Drawn” made its debut during Summer Games Fest 2024, showcasing new weapons, enemies, and environments.

There’s still no word on a release date just yet, though a Phantom Blade Zero demo will be making its way around the globe at key gaming events and exhibitions in 2024.

Developed by Chinese developer S-Game, Phantom Blade Zero is currently due to launch on both PlayStation 5 and PC. First revealed during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in May 2023, it promises a gritty Souslike experience that blends together elements of steampunk, Chinese mythology, and martial arts.

It follows the saga of Soul, an elite assassin framed for the murder of the leader of the enigmatic Order of the Mask. With a mere 66 days left to live, Soul must traverse a treacherous landscape filled with powerful foes and unravel a complex conspiracy to clear his name and find a cure.

Hopefully, the Phantom Blade Zero demo will be publicly playable in the near future.

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