COD: Black Ops 6 release date confirmed for October – multiplayer, zombies and more

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COD: Black Ops 6 is coming out on 25th October, and will remain a cross-generation release across PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC. It will also launch straight into Xbox Game Pass.

Check out the gameplay reveal trailer and the Black Ops 6 Direct.

The game leans into all of the usual tropes and expectations of Black Ops series, with double crossing subterfuge and more, set in the 1990s after the end of the Cold War. George HW Bush is President, and there’s lies and more swirling around that you’ll dip your toes into.

The Direct then leapt into details on specific gameplay tweaks and changes for multiplayer and Zombies

Multiplayer will offer 16 completely new multiplayer maps on day one, including 12 6v6 maps for all the core game modes, and then four smaller Strike maps – these are maps that will work for both 2v2 battles and 6v6 Face Off matches. Multiplayer will be overhauled with new Omnimovement, which allows for sprinting, sliding and diving in any direction, and Intelligent Movement which will assist players in making the various moves through the world that they think they want to do.

Elsewhere there’s increased enemy hit zones, HUD tweaks, and the return of Theater Mode and classic Prestige. However, given the shift in setting, there will not be any kind of Carry Forward, as seen from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3.

Then there’s Zombies, which are a new take on the classic round-based version of the mode. There will be two new maps at launch, each of which is completely packed with secrets to discover while fending off waves of the undead. This will be a continuation of the Dark Aether storyline from Black Ops Cold War.

Phil Spencer has announced that there will be no more timed exclusive content, ending the PlayStation marketing collaboration between Activision and Sony after a decade. There will be an open beta with early access to this for pre-orders, but not affected by platform.

In the run up to Xbox’s showcase, it had seemed that Sony had leaked the Black Ops 6 release date for 17th October on the PlayStation Store. It’s not clear how that date ended up wrong – did Microsoft seed Sony with the wrong date, expecting them to try and throw a spanner in their rival’s announcement? Probably not, but it’s fun to imagine such backstabbing and skulduggery.

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