Phantom Line is Antistatic Studios’ PvE paranormal shooter

Earlier this year, Antistatic Studio was founded by ex Cyberpunk 2077 and BioShock devs, and at the time it announced Project Hornet. Now, Antistatic Studio has confirmed the real name of Project Hornet is Phantom Line, and revealing new information about the game as well as giving the chance to register for its playtest.

Phantom Line drops players into a version of Eastern Europe which has become embroiled in a global nuclear war. Amidst the chaos of nuclear war, Phantom Line hones in on a different threat, that of paranormal origins, that teams must confront. The game supports up to four players in an open-world setting, where they must navigate and survive dynamic events that will be full of dangers. Within Phantom Line’s lore, players’ consciousnesses are transferred into artificial bodies known as HUSKs, which are essentially avatars for scouting and combating paranormal threats. The game’s home base is set on an icebreaker ship, serving as a hub where players can upgrade and personalise their HUSKs, as well as manage their equipment, weapons, and armour. This ship also serves as the location for mission briefings,where players will learn more about the threats that plague the world.

Antistatic Studios has confirmed that there will be a playtest for Phantom Line, and if you want to join you will need to be part of the studio’s Discord channel. The playtest is set to be taking place later in the summer, though an exact date is yet to be confirmed.

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