Ara: History Untold has a release date of September 24th

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Marc Meyer, President of Oxide Games, announced on the Official Xbox Podcast that the 4X grand strategy game, Ara: History Untold, will be released on September 24th. Additionally, it will be accessible on PC Game Pass from day one. Ara: History Untold will be sold on Steam and the Microsoft Store too.

Ara: History Untold has a living world where life can be observed from planes flying in the sky, to kids playing in playgrounds, and wildlife roaming the natural habitats. In each new game, the world of Ara: History Untold will be randomly generated. The aim in Ara: History Untold is to become the most powerful and prestigious country, which can be done through multiple means. There is the classic way of conquest to expand territory and exerting military power, to being an economic or religious powerhouse. Your nation can even gain Prestige as a nation that leads as a beacon of hope.

In the podcast, Marc Meyer said, “Each of the leaders has sort of this unique hero trait that that sets them apart from everyone else. They’ve got these set of traits that they share with each other and they kind of dictate a little bit of the underlying pieces of their personality and they dictate how they’re going to get along with each other… It lets us have a huge variety in the different leaders that we offer and so that playing each one of them is very different. As your nation grows, and as you gather people, you’ll gain claims that will let you take over pieces of land and grow your empire and find new places to build and new resources to exploit. And so, it’s all this self-fulfilling system where you grow so that you can grow more, and you can get more land and you can get more resources. And then you take those resources, and you refine them through our crafting system to produce amenities that will improve the quality of life of your people.”

Meyer also spoke about how multiplayer works in Ara: History Untold. The game will use a simultaneous turns, where everyone submits their move at the same time. The game will then resolve the moves at the same time, instead of completing one action at a time for each player. This is seen as a fairer way because it means all players have a chance at claims, regardless of if they submit first or last.

Source: Xbox Games

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