Evotinction release date has been confirmed for September

In 2019, the stealth action game Evotinction was announced as a part of the China Hero Project, and now Astrolabe Games, along with developer Spikewave Games, has confirmed a release date for the project. Evotinction will be released on September 13th for PS5 and PC with a simultaneous release worldwide.

In Evotinction, a virus known as Red has compromised an AI system, causing it to become rogue. This AI oversees a research and development facility named HERE, which now poses a threat to all who enter. Dr. Liu, the Head of R&D at HERE, opts to infiltrate the facility to discover the cause of the malfunction and, if possible, deactivate the rogue AI. Lacking combat skills, Dr. Liu must rely on hacking and stealth to navigate through the facility’s levels and address the core issue. The gadgets he has access to allow him to carry out long range signal disruption, radio & electromagnetic jamming, make hologram illusions, implant malware, and takeover systems. Evotinction features over ten hours of fully-voiced story content, along with a variety of environments to sneak and hack through.

Source: Press Release

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