Metroid Prime 4: Beyond gameplay has been revealed! It’s coming out in 2025!

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond gameplay was used to round out the Nintendo Direct, showing the revived first person Metroid Prime series in all its glory. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is set to release in 2025 on Nintendo Switch… but could it also come to another console?

We got to see plenty of Metroid Prime staples, including the morph ball mode, locking onto enemies during combat, and spooky alien environments. The world looks significantly more expansive and filled with life than the last time that we were in the Prime series – to be fair, Metroid Prime 3 was a Nintendo Wii game – and there was a glimpse of some creepy new antagonists with a glowing line up their heads, and with Metroids in tow.

With a 2025 release date now confirmed, this further the speculation that Metroid Prime 4 will be a cross-gen launch game for the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever it ends up being called). Nintendo specifically stayed away from discussing the Nintendo Switch successor during this Nintendo Direct, but has stated that they will reveal all sometime this fiscal year. Any 2025 release would see Metroid Prime 4 be in and around the new console’s launch window.

Metroid Prime 4 was first announced back at E3 2017 but the project did not progress as well as expected and was not meeting the company’s high standards in its initial form. As such, they taken the drastic measure of restarting the project in 2019 with series producer Kensuke Tanabe reuniting with Retro Studios, who had first revitalised the Metroid series with the original Metroid Prime game on GameCube.

While that has slowly but surely come together, there’s been the popular launch of Metroid Dread in 2022, as well as Metroid Prime Remastered in early 2023. Both wetted the appetite for more Metroid games for fans, and it’s great to see Metroid Prime 4’s development has come far enough for Nintendo to pin a release date on it. We can’t wait to see more, though.

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