Super Mario Party Jamboree promises the biggest Mario Party yet this October

Super Mario Party Jamboree header

Nintendo has announced Super Mario Party Jamboree for Nintendo Switch, stuffed with minigames and big new modes. The game is coming out on 17th October 2024.

Super Mario Party Jamboree will feature five new maps – including the Toad shopping mall Rainbow Galleria, Roll ’em Raceway with a turbo dice, and the tidal pathways of Goomba Lagoon, Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party and King Bowser’s Keep – as well as two more remastered maps taken from the first two games in the series – Mario’s Rainbow Castle and Western Land.

There’s 110 minigames in Super Mario Party Jamboree, some of which will be simply controlled with buttons and use your wits to succeed, while others will lean on motion controls.

There’s also new online modes, including Koopathlon, which allows up to 20 players to compete in a leaderboard race to complete minigames as best as possible.

Here’s hoping the bulk of this game follows in the tried and true footsteps of earlier titles. Mario Party Superstars was a return to form when it came out a few years ago, and I said, “After a decade of games that sought to reinvent and renew the series, Mario Party Superstars rewinds time for a reminder of what made Mario Party popular in the first place. Five gorgeously recreated boards, 100 cherry-picked minigames, and countless opportunities to plan and scheme your way to victory… so long as the dice roll in your favour.”

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