The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom lets you actually play as Zelda this September

Nintendo revealed The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, letting Princess Zelda step into the role of the hero for the very first time. It’s coming out on 26th September 2024.

Echoes of Wisdom sees Link disappearing into a dark rift while trying to save Zelda from being trapped in a crystal. Thankfully he’s able to fire off one last arrow to release her, but now Zelda has to adventure to save the land – naturally she’s stepped into this role in the past as Sheik, for example, but now you’ll control her adventure.

Instead of picking up a sword or becoming a ninja, Zelda will team up with the fairy called Tri and discover the Tri Rod, which gives her new and interesting abilities surrounding item duplication. She’s able to copy and conjure up items found within the world, using tables to stack up and climb up to higher vantage points, summoning and stacking beds or water blocks for different puzzles.

This also feeds into combat as well. You could summon a rock and throw it at an enemy… or you could conjure up monsters to fight alongside you instead!

Echoes of Wiszom borrows the visual style of the Link’s Awakening remake, which was a real highlight from a few years ago.

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