Neon Rider Classic out now on Steam

Today, Armor Games Studio has launched Neon Rider Classic on Steam, a compilation that includes the iconic Flash games Neon Rider and Neon Rider World. These titles have received updates in graphics and gameplay mechanics while preserving the core style and challenge that made the originals so popular. They netted 15 million plays between them, and you can still play them on Armor Games’ site.

“Neon Rider and Neon Rider World defined a seminal moment in gaming for us,” said Louissi and Jeff Wofford, developers of Neon Rider Classic. “We hope that our passion for these classic Flash games invites newcomers and veterans alike to test their reflexes on the race track.”

In the description of Neon Rider classic, the developers have wrote, “Navigate your sci-fi bike through a series of hand-crafted levels, challenging players to adapt on the fly and match their bike’s color with the track to avoid obstacles and maintain speed and style. From spiraling neon tubes that test your precision to sudden color shifts that demand split-second decisions, Neon Rider Classic keeps you on the edge of your seat. For those who remember the original releases, Neon Rider Classic is a chance to experience these games with fresh eyes. For newcomers, it’s an opportunity to discover why these titles became web game classics. The collection offers an easy entry into the series, perfect for anyone looking to engage with fast-paced, strategy-driven racing games.”

Neon Rider Classic has been priced at $2.99.

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