The PlayStation version of Vampire Survivors is being held up by the submission process

In April this year the developer Poncle announced that Vampire Survivors will be released on PS5 and PS4 in the summer and it’s now officially summer as I have my aircon on, so where is Vampire Survivors?

Well it seems Sony’s submission process, the mechanism that all publishers need to follow to get their games on PlayStation, is causing Poncle a few headaches. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything particularly massive holding things up, just that it’s the first time they have had to do it.

“As it’s now summer we’ve had a lot of people asking when the PlayStation release will be happening  we want to keep you all updated, as we still don’t have a release date to share, but wanted to let you know why,” tweeted Poncle

“This is the first time we’re going through submission processes on PlayStation so it’s taking a little longer than usual we’re also doing some trial and error on Trophies to ensure we get them right BUT we’ll let you know ASAP when we have a solid date.”

Poncle  recently released the Operation Guns DLC, which based on the Contra franchise.

The features of Vampire Survivors Operation Guns include:

  • Brand new stage: Neo Galuga

    • Blast horizontally through biomes inspired by classic Contra levels!

    • Explore Galuga Jungle, Neo City, and the treacherous Alien Zone!

    • Hit cars enough and they’ll explode!

    • Take on highway horrors in the Challenge Stage!

  • 11 ulta-tuff new characters

    • Bill Rizer: Literally just a guy with a gun

    • Lance Bean: Big muscles and a brain to match

    • Ariana: An expert in evasive manoeuvres

    • Lucia: Is she a clone? A cyborg? Who knows, but she’s here to kick ass

    • Brad Fang: Half-man, half-wolf, half-robot, and 150% super soldier.

    • Browny: The partybot programmed to kill

    • Sheena Entranzi: A true survivor, especially skilled in jungle combat

    • Probotector: a hyper advanced recon robot programmed to protect humans

  • Over 22 new fully automatic weapons from Contra’s radical arsenal, including almost-homing missiles, high-tech blasters, and the ever faithful Spread Shot.

    • Evolve these deadly contraptions into experimental Prototype weapons, and supplement every salvo with 3 new Pickups

  • A soundtrack with 6 tracks that combines classic Contra tracks with Vampire Survivors remixes!

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