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A new development update for Football Manager 25 has been released by Sports Interactive, highlighting how this will be a new start for the series. That is because Football Manager 25 will mark the franchise moving to the Unity engine, and it will likely be the main engine for the next 20 years. The first look at the user interface has been shown too, showing the tile and card system.

What the screenshots show are how Football Manager 25 will be changing the way players interact with the game going forward. The first screenshot shows the updated information screen players will see between highlights during matchdays. On it, you can see that the pitch takes centre stage as normal, with both team tactical line ups on either side of it. Below these are the match stats, match events, and other match scores from around the league. Under all of that is the team line up with player condition. The second screen shows the new Portal, with the Inbox being consigned to history. With the Portal you will have an Agenda list showing tasks that need to be completed, news from the football world, the calendar, and messages from everyone you interact with. The final two screens show player form details, detailing their performance over the last five matches, and how they have contributed to the team.

Football Manager 25 will see other things taken out. Matchday touchline shouts will not be present in the game. They may return in future Football Manager releases, but only if the development team believe they fit properly. The data chalkboard will not be back in Football Manager 25. Create A Club will not be in the game either, though Sports Interactive are aiming to bring it back for Football Manager 26 with major improvements. Versus mode is another mode that will not be in the game, as only 0.5% of players were playing it. Challenge Mode is being revamped as well, with it returning in either Football Manager 26 or Football Manager 27. Fantasy Draft will be part of Football Manager 25 but not day one. This will instead come further down the line in an update.

Miles Jacobson also confirmed in the development update that Football Manager 25 will be the first game in the series to include women’s football, and multiple licenses have been signed. However, the details of which leagues and teams will be playable has not been released yet, with that information coming at a later date.

Source: Sports Interactive

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