PlayStation Reviews

Review: NovaStrike

Tiki Games’ self-funded PSN debut – will it strike a chord with gamers?

Review: Midnight Club LA

Don’t touch the whip, Homie. S’cool, dog, s’cool. Big up, bro.

Review: Dead Space

In space, no-one can hear you scream. Except the hundreds of monsters.

Review: PES 09

An old favourite, like a racy ex-girlfriend or a faithful old dog?

Review: BioShock

Last year’s best FPS finally gets a release on this year’s best console.

Review: Tiger Woods 09

Another good walk spoiled by gangstas and hos. Oh, wait, wrong game.

Review: Linger In Shadows

It’s finally here. And, 7 minutes later, it’s gone. Just like that.

Review: FIFA 09

It’s just pixelly men in shorts and a small white ball, but we love it.

Review: WipEout HD

Strobing, pulsing, flashing, and that’s just Michael at the disco.

Review: The Last Guy

The Last Guy. Reviewed last. How very meta of you, TSA.

Review: PixelJunk Eden

Genre-splitting audio-visual masterpiece hits PS3. And out tomorrow.

Review: WALL-E

THQ’s video game adaptation of a brilliant movie. Got to be good, right?

Review: Elefunk

Bridge building, elephants, massive ramps, waggle. 10/10, right?

Buzz! Quiz TV

Michael brings the full TSA review of this great quizzer.

SingStar Volume 2 Review

A ‘happy’ Alex declares SingStar 2 the PS3’s best game. Yes.

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