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PlayStation Reviews

Review: G-Force

Guinea pigs in 3D, what more do you want?

Review: Supercar Challenge

TSA Exclusive: The world’s first review of this amazing PS3 exclusive racer.

Review: Smash Cars

The PSN’s new RC racer is dismantled and rebuilt for your reading pleasure.

Review: Fat Princess

Would you like some cake with that? The full TSA review.

Review: Archer Maclean’s Mercury [PSP]

One of PSP’s launch titles turns to a PSN download.

Review: Topatoi

We bark up the wrong tree in Boolat’s gyroscopic platform puzzler.

Review: Harry Potter / Half Blood Prince

Potter’s latest outing is the epitome of fan service. No spoilers.

Review: Battlefield 1943

The best thing to have hit the PSN in a long time.

Review: Buzz! Junior: RoboJam

Another Buzz! PSN release for younger PS3 players, but is there any appeal for most PS3 owners?

Review: The Punisher: No Mercy

Frank Castle’s comic universe makes its way to the PSN as a shooter.

Review: Trash Panic

Interesting Japanese puzzler causes frustration, yet is strangely loveable.

Review: Zuma

Ages old puzzle game finally arrives on the PSN.

Review: Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

The best Western shooter on the market.

Review: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Looting, giant rats, bugs and adventure await. But should you wait before buying?

Review: Prototype

The question you all want to know: is it better than inFamous…?

Review: Terminator: Salvation

Why sugar coat it? This is not good.

Review: Bomberman Ultra

Hudsons classic finally makes its way to the PS3.

Review: Bejeweled 2

PopCap’s addictive puzzler reviewed for the three of you that don’t already know about it.