Prince of Persia

New Prince Of Persia Announced

Ubisoft announce new Prince of Persia, but someone forgot the sand.

Prince of Persia Movie Trailer and New Game “Announced”

A semi official announcement and a really official trailer.

Abridged Too Far – Four

This week everyone’s favourite Persian royalty gets the Abridged treatment.

Review: Prince of Persia

TSA reviews Prince of Persia. Or, at least our special new writer does. Enjoy.

Ubisoft Release Dates

Prince of Persia, Armoured Core, Shaun White Snowboarding all dated.

Prince Runs Better On PS3

Sword fighting and spike creeping at 60fps – only on PS3. This Is Living.

Prince Of Persia Hits PSN

Classic 2D platformer gets updated to, er, classic 2D platformer.

Prince Of Persia For PSN

‘Classic’ version of the game with added HD shine

Prince Of Persia PSN-bound

Classic platformer heading to PS3. Also: Puzzle Quest. Oh My God.

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