A Weekly Rant: 25/06/10

England, you’re going down!

A Weekly Rant: 18/06/10

Some people are Wiitarded.

A Weekly Rant: 28/05/10

Split/Personality: Disorder

A Weekly Rant: 21/05/10

Houston, wir haben ein problem.

A Weekly Rant: 30/04/2010

An eruption of molten rage.

A Weekly Rant: 16/04/10

Rage is a battlefield.

Home: A Rant

I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in your dreams.

God of War III: A Rant

Will the hilarity never end? Or start…?

FIFA 10: A Rant

A football game with no tight ends or wide recievers. That’s right.

The Saboteur: A Rant

I’ve come to the conclusion that Nazis probably weren’t very nice people…

Modern Warfare 2: A Rant

Modern Warfare 2 gets me going this week.

The Ballad Of Gay Tony: A Rant

Just remember to address any complaints to Alex.

Metal Gear Solid 4: A Rant

It’s satire people, don’t hurt me…

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