E3 – Tomorrow

Well, it’s that time of year again where internet forums go into meltdown as everyone with even a passing interest in gaming spams the F5 button. We’ve already seen the news that there’s a $100 price cut on the 60GB version, with a Motorstorm/80GB combo taking it’s place over in the States, but where can you see the rest of the info as it happens?

Well, the official site will be broadcasting the conference live on Wednesday 11.30am Pacific Time, and the PSN Store will apparently be continuously updated with the latest game demos and trailers, so that’s the official line, and Gamespot will have their own feed live from the show.


Obviously we’ll be keeping you up to date with anything exciting too, and will have a full run-down of the now famous Killzone meeting on Tuesday night after the Microsoft conference.

Stay tuned…