The price is right?

Sony’s David Reeves doesn’t disagree that the PS3 costs rather a lot of money, but does it matter that much to the consumer?

Judging by the amount of bile aimed in Sony’s direction because of the PS3’s price, you’d think it had only sold 12 units since launch, because no-one would be buying one. The truth is that, despite the torrents of invective, the PS3 is still being bought in large quantities. And if that’s the case, what’s a capitalist corporation to do?

The water’s a little muddier in the US with the introduction of the 80GB model, but in the UK the new bundle is a great idea. Sony keep raking in £425 for the console, whilst adding value at presumably little cost to themselves.

The proof is in the buying though. Will Sony see an increase in demand as they expect, or will the waves of hate breaking over Sony translate into no sales?

Nah, thought not.