Let’s Laugh At: Chris Lewis

Oh, please stop.

Everyone knows that Microsoft were forced to dish out retrospective 3 year warranties because of the dreaded red-rings-of-death. However, Microsoft are now trying to spin this into something of a unique selling point – Regional Executive VP Chris Lewis had this to say yesterday:


“The extension of the warranty is fixated around some of our customers expressing frustration – but certainly not all of them. The fact that we’re standing so solidly behind the product and stepping up to the alleviation of the problems in a pretty lavish way is a progressive reaction that shows how much we care about our consumers. Some retailers are now seeing the three-year warranty as another USP for 360. It’s ostensibly a very positive message for the consumer.”

Brilliant. He concludes with “The three-year warranty does actually give us an advantage over the competition. And the fact that we’re now ahead of this thing will heighten people’s levels of confidence in terms of the Xbox 360 purchase.”

Yeah, $1 billion to repair the red ringed machines is really, really positive, dude.