Where games really this simple and, well, rubbish back in the day? It would seem so.

Rampart pits you as the defender of a castle, intent on fighting off invading boats in a pseudo turn-based battle. To start with you place cannons inside your castle walls, and when this is done you open fire on the boats as they sail towards shore. The boats bombard your castle with return fire, and this continues until the ‘turn’ is finished.

At this point you’ll hopefully have taken out a few boats, but your castle will also have suffered. Now it’s time to rebuild castle walls and reposition new cannons. Failure to completely re-build your castle walls results in game over, so you have to be quick. Once repairs are done, the battle commences, and this simple mechanic is repeated until you destroy or be destroyed.


Rampart presents a top-down retro view, with graphics so cheap you’d be forgiven for thinking they were purchased at Aldi. The sound is on a par, so at least there’s some consistency, but there’s nothing else good to say here.

Retro games are best left to the memory bank, where they can exist in technicolour splendour untouched by the bite of reality. It’s only when we’re forced to revisit them that we realise the truth: they’re a bit rubbish.

SOE are to be applauded for bringing new games to the PlayStation Store, but we’d prefer to see them spend the time updating and enhancing these games, rather than giving us such weak titles.