Let’s Laugh At: Shane Kim

This might be a weekly feature here at TSA, in which we take great delight in the nonsense that high-ranking Microsoft employees come out with. This week, we’ve got Shane Kim, Head of 1st Party Software taking to Game Informer, and Microsoft’s big E3 announcement that didn’t really work…

Kim: I think one of the most important, subtle announcements at the Xbox 360 briefing is that Resident Evil is coming to Xbox 360. Yes, it’s from Capcom, who’s been a great supporter of us.
GI: But we knew that two years ago.
Kim: What?
GI: Resident Evil. It was shown at TGS two years ago.
Kim: No, but coming to Xbox 360.
GI: Yeah. It was at the press event.
Kim: I don’t think so.
GI: I’m positive. I was there.
Kim: Really?
GI: It was shown at both press conferences.
Kim: That RE5 was coming to…?
GI: Yep.
Kim: I’m going to have to confirm that. That was supposed to be the big announcement.

And on Halo 3 – surely he knows about that game, right?

GI: I saw Halo 3, but it’s not playable.
Kim: You will see it here.
GI: It’s not playable here.
Kim: In terms of you getting your hands on it? Maybe.
GI: It was being driven. Why wasn’t the controller in my hands?
Kim: That’s a good question for those guys. Obviously, they want to control the demo. Maybe they’d let you pick it up.
GI: I asked.
Kim: They wouldn’t let you pick it up?
GI: Nope.
Kim: I promise you, it’s real.

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