Rockstar To Go PS3 Exclusive

Hey, if it gets you hits, Cheat Code Central, then that’s groovy, baby. Except it’s complete crap. In what’s sure to become The Bane Of CCC, their latest podcast, clearly produced by highly knowledgeable people, has this to say (at around the 51st minute):

“Apparently Rockstar is going to be PS3 exclusive from now on. So I remember that you guys were looking for those exclusive games, well you might just get them!”

“Nice! Did they mention any titles in their announcement?”

“Uhh, not any specific titles. They mention Grand Theft Auto but they didn’t mention the current one because we all know GTA IV is going to both, but I guess maybe future titles that are in the works are going to be just PS3?”

“Ooh, that could be interesting”

We’re not sure where Mr Bold Text gets his news from, but surely this sort of nonsense shouldn’t even be allowed to encode to MP3. And if it wasn’t for sites like N4G and the SDF spreading this sort of stuff, we’d all be a lot happier.

You certainly wouldn’t catch us mentioning a news story like this.