TGS 2007 – New MGS 4 Trailer On The 20th

Konami’s press conference has started – filming of the trailer isn’t allowed, but that doesn’t seem to matter because Sony will be publishing the brand new trailer during the normal weekly Store updates on the PS3, so we’ll be able to see it tomorrow. This is only confirmed for the US Store just now, but it’s no big deal to hop over to your US account to download it, right?

Famitsu magazine have also run a massive article on the game, which is so full of spoilers it’s not even funny.

MGS 4 in Famitsu

If you want the script to the TGS trailer in the meantime (no word on whether it’ll be subbed yet) you can grab it from here.

There’s not too much else from the conference, actually, although they do mention Silent Hill V will be out during ‘fiscal year 2008’, whatever that means, and obviously some stuff on Winning Eleven.

Konami also mentioned that Metal Gear Solid Online will be bundled with MGS 4, which is obviously great news.