TGS 2007 – PS3 Game Trailers

Want some trailers? Course you do – here’s the direct links to all the TGS stuff from yesterday, all WMV oddly enough (right click save as) but there you go.

First party:

FLOWer – follow up to fl0w from thatgamecompany – looks gorgeous.
AQUA – splendid looking underwater non-game.
Afrika – it’s alive!
Eye of Judgement – camera based card-game.
Go Sports Ski – coming soon.
Uncharted – which is looking more like Gears of War each time we see it.
Little Big Planet – nuff said.
Ratchet and Clank Future – still looking incredible – demo due beginning of October.
EchoChrome – smart stuff – can’t wait for this.
Loco Roco – game due tonight!

Other stuff:

Metal Gear Solid 4 – not direct download, but it’s a stunning trailer.

If any more surface, we’ll add them to this list throughout the day.