Halo 3 Collectors Edition – Free Disk Scratches

Halo 3’s out next week, and the whole world is terribly excited about what’s going to happen in the end – Finish The Fight and all that. Except that some people have got their Collector’s Edition copies already, so they can start Finishing The Fight right now, before people have even started theirs. Right?

Halo 3 Disk Scratches

Halo 3 Disk Scratched

Except, as you can see, Microsoft have decided to stick the game disk to the box with what looks like a bit of plastic and some felt to stop it scratching when it falls off the plastic and starts to rattle around in the case. If you’re getting yours posted rather than picking it up from the shop, well, we hope – truly – that yours isn’t quite as knackered and unplayable.

This isn’t just one guy on a forum, though – check out GameVideo’s thin attempt to disguise their disk falling out too although at least that one worked.

Us? We’ve got Youtube videos to watch [warning: contains Halo 3 ending spoilers].

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