Pro Evo 2008

Great sporting rivalries bring out the ultimate black and white view in us all. It’s us or them, them or us. Think England versus Germany, England versus Argentina, England versus Scotland – wow, the English really are hated, aren’t they? – and FIFA versus Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

The new PES game is due out on PS3 soon, but unlike previous years where it’s clearly been the better game, this time around FIFA 08 could potentially win the trophy of best console footy game.

So, what’s PES going to do to fight off this new challenge?

Well, check out these new PES screenshots to see how good it’s looking. The character models look great and we imagine the replays will be stunning. We gave FIFA a big thumbs up for its improvements in gameplay and its all-round atmosphere, but we did comment on the rather lacklustre player models. These PES shots are beautiful and if the PES gameplay is as tight as usual, then maybe it will win this year’s match too.

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