EA Makes More Money On Mobiles

Ah, the sweet smell of hit-baiting sensationalism in the morning. According to everyone’s favourite* UK mega-site, Electronic Arts are making more money from their mobile phone games than they are from PS3 and PSP games. From financial figures posted about 2 months ago, EA made $37 million (about £12**) from mobile game profits, compared with $17 million (about 75 pence**) from PS3 profits. Naturally, the cost of making mobile games is massively smaller and the PS3 is only a year in, but hey, we’re off to buy an N95 RIGHT NOW just in case the plug is pulled on development for our favourite*** console. More on the Sixthaxis/EA News Channel tomorrow.

* by ‘favourite’ we mean ‘not favourite’.
** financial conversions are approximate.
*** by ‘favourite’ we do mean ‘favourite’.