GameSpot fires Gerstmann?

Shacknews is reporting that “GameSpot’s Gerstmann [was] fired due to negative Kane & Lynch review” – allegedly publisher Eidos took issue with his 6.0 review and threatened to pull its considerable ad contract. Gerstmann’s video review of the game has been removed from the site leaving just the text version. Obviously we don’t know the details of this, but Shacknews seems to think this is indeed the case, which brings about all kinds of moral issues regarding sites like Gamespot with its massive readership numbers. In what could be a related matter, CNET employee Tim Tracy, who used to be an editor at Gamespot, appears to be leaving too. GameSpot’s front page was almost entirely re-skinned with Kane & Lynch graphics. This now appears not to be the case.

Update: presumably to cope with the increased madness, Eidos’ forums are now temporarily shut.

Update 2: think it’s wrong? Angry Gamer clearly do in their post today entitled “Eidos and Gamespot / CNET are Cunts”. Not our words. We would never use swear words like CNET.

Update 3: Gamespot staff blogger Matt Rorie has posted a blog which has already been edited 3 times at the time of posting, but is currently referring to this Youtube video. Eidos forums are back open, and much cleaner.

Update 4: Gamespot user Adam_B is counting the cash as people cancel their subscriptions – worth a look as the backlash continues and as at 4pm today it’s at well over $2,000.

Update 4.1: It seems that Adam_B’s excellent blog post has been deleted. Last time we saw it it was at just over $4,000.

Update 5: Someone that worked on the Kane and Lynch advert campaign for Gamespot and Eidos has spoken out: The ads were originally supposed to point to the GS review page, as they sometimes do. When the review came out, Eidos was understandably upset, and yes – they did threaten to pull the whole campaign… They had us change the clickthrough URL from the GS review to the official site, but other than that little changed. The ads went up and the Eidos brouhaha was settled over two weeks ago. Jeff got fired yesterday… My gut tells me that he got canned for larger reasons…