There’s No Damage In GT 5 Prologue

There’s been a few rumours and non-truths floating around recently, especially after PSU’s preview which claimed GT 5 Prologue had “quite impressive” damage (and has since been edited to say that there’s now no damage) so we thought it was time to get things straight. Here are TSA’s initial impressions of the game:

Firstly, the great news is that the framerate is now far better than it was in the demo, there’s no slowdown on the corners of Suzuka anymore and the tearing has all but gone. Obviously the devs have had time to work on the game since the demo, but it’s good to know that the game is now silky smooth. The only issues are when you get to Piccadilly Circus on the London track. The mirrors and reflections are the same as the demo.

There’s an arcade mode for quick play, but the game only gives you limited credits at first so you’ll need to win races to build up your garage which you can do via the missions. For anyone interested, you start with 3.5m credits… A few of the not-available-to-buy cars are the Daihatsu OCF, the new Mazda Sport, the Skyline Coupe Concept and the GTR Concept. They’re prize cars. The most expensive car is the Ferrari 599.

As far as the tracks go, London looks amazing and Eiger has been visibly improved since GT HD but caps the number of racers to 12 at once. The other three circuits allow the full 16 as per the demo, and Daytona requires deft use of drafting to succeed. The game plays videos from the real courses whilst on the race screen – look, it’s a London bus!

And finally, to confirm: there is no visible damage, and no changing weather conditions, at least at this stage. The disk takes about 15 minutes to install, and uses just over 5 GB on your hard drive. We don’t know the size of the PSN download as yet, but will find out later today. Thanks to our man in Japan for the confirmation.