Bioshock Team Want PS3 Developers

Contrary to recent rumours 2k Boston, the team behind 360’s pride Bioshock, are looking for PS3 developers.

For the tools programmer position it says, “UE3, PS3 and production experience using Python or Ruby will be highly regarded,” while for the Senior Console Programmer position it says, “Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable.”

Something tells me 2k Boston are working on a PS3 game – though I’m not sure what gives me that idea. The intriguing thing is it seems to be an FPS – for the Senior AI Programmer position it says, “At least three years experience working on current generation FPS AI”.

Now, don’t get your hopes up, I doubt it’s going to be Bioshock PS3, because they’ve announced that they’re not going to do that. But they’re requesting 3 years experience of working with “recent generation game console technology (Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation2 or PlayStation3)”, so it seems like it could be a multiplatform FPS to me – but hey, it’s open to interpretation.

2k Boston