Sony Face Buzz! Lawsuit

The business world is buzzing with excitement today as Sony are facing another lawsuit. This time, some company is mightily miffed about SCEE’s awesome Buzz! range of games. Words such as “malicious, fraudulent, wilful and deliberate” have been thrown around, and like big sticks those words hurt.

In a public statement Sony said, “We are aware that a complaint has been made against Buzz in the United States, but as is our normal procedure in matters like these we will not be making any public statement.”


To cheer up everyone we’ve decided to do our very own TSA quiz. We’ve called it Fuzz!. Rememeber, Fuzz! in if you know the answer:

1 Which company recently released a game so startlingly similar to Buzz! that most observers figured it had simply had a Photoshop theme applied to it before release?
2 Which console is famous for being as unreliable as Michael’s coding?
3 Xbox 360 owners are rabid what?
4 What is the singular version of the word dice?

Answers? You want answers? I’ll give you answers!

1 Microsoft
2 Xbox 360
3 Fanboys
4 Die