New Killzone 2 Trailer This Weekend

We’ve got the list of PS3 titles Sony are showing off at this week’s Live event. Whilst this might be the first time GT5 Prologue and Everybody’s Golf are playable in English, the most interesting thing is mention of a Killzone 2 trailer on the list. Nobody’s saying whether or not it’s new, but technically this could be the old E3 trailer and still be the first ‘public’ outing for it. Interestingly, just like the official European Sony forums, the Killzone site is now linking your PSN tags to your Killzone forum accounts, which could suggest selection for something playable soon… We’ll see.

Anyway, playable will be the full version of GT5 Prologue, Everybody’s Golf 5, Time Crisis and the Echochrome demo, and trailers will be shown for LittleBigPlanet, Play TV and, of course, Killzone 2. We’ll have news as (and if) it happens directly from the event over the weekend.