Violent Games Are Good For You

Finally, an end to all the ‘violent games are bad for you’ crap that we’ve had to put up every time the Daily Mail gets its knickers in a twist (check out the dodgy Photoshop), as a certain Miss Jane Barnett and her colleagues at Middlesex University have concluded that people who play violent games online actually feel more relaxed and less angry after they have played. It’s like a shining from above, complete with angels singing softly in our ears.

The psychologists recruited 292 male and female online gamers, playing the game World of Warcraft. The players, aged between 12 and 83 years, were asked to complete a questionnaire on anger, aggression and personality and then played the game for two hours. After this time they were they were asked to complete the test again. The psychologists found overall the gamers were more likely to feel calm or tired after playing – but there were differences depending on sex, age and personality.

The embargo is just up on the story itself, but we won’t have the full report until it’s published, so stay tuned.