Konami Killed By MGO

In what appears to be the most rubbish Beta launch ever, Konami’s servers finally gave up the ghost some time last night, with a System is very busy now message replacing any chance of a sign up.

For whatever bizarre reason, Konami wanted people to sign up for Beta keys, or pre-order MGS4, or wait for the European beta which is due today. However, by withholding information from each region until the last minute panic set in, and gamers scrambled to sign up to whatever they could. Yesterday’s fairly rude email from the Japanese site informing users that they’d cancelled their ID’s was just the start, now legitimate owners of Beta keys from America are finding that their codes don’t even work.

And if you want to sign up for a new key? Not a chance with the site being down.

All this doesn’t really hold much hope for us Europeans, who are meant to be getting the download in today’s PSN Store update. We’ll see.