GTA IV – PS3 Superiority

This article is going to explain, without a doubt, why the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV is superior. We’ve been looking around the internet a lot lately, and we’ve discovered a lot of crap being spouted from both sides of the argument.

First, hardware defects will be ignored. The RRoD has no effect on how good the game is, just how bad the console is.

We’ll get the controllers out of the way now – we prefer the PS3 controller, it feels better, with the left analogue stick in the right place. That’s just what we prefer though, so that part’s up to you.

Now then, let’s start. 360 owners, stop saying ‘you want to pay the same price for less of a game?’. If you want your episodic content, you are paying extra for it, so you’re not paying the same price as us PS3 owners. This argument is just stupid, especially considering that the PS3 is also getting its own extra content, and will probably get the episodic content eventually anyway. Microsoft paid for downloadable content, which could, through some shrewd abuse of grammar technicalities, see the PS3 version getting the episodic content via some other means.

The PS3 version requires a 5 minute installation, whilst on the 360 it is optional (though highly advised). Regardless, without the installation, the 360 is reported to have more frame rate stutters, whilst with it it brings it almost up to par with the PS3 version. Yes, the 360 version stutters more than the PS3 version regardless, but it’s not a big difference.

If you have a HD TV, which most of you do, the 360 version has more aliasing – which means it’s more jagged. This is never particularly attractive, and you’d think we’d be done with it by now. It’s not crippling, it’s just a small discrepancy, but it’s still there.

The graphics in the PS3 version are more realistic – or the colours are. Alternatively, the colours in the 360 version are more vivid, making it seem cartoony (according to all sources). GTA IV is obviously meant to be more realistic than previous installments, with better driving physics, radius-based police escapes and other such things, so we prefer the realism in the PS3 version to the vividity in the 360 version.

Achievements are not a valid reason for the 360 version’s superiority. PS3 is getting accomplishments, integration and other such goodness with the introduction of Home later in the year, which by far trumps the 360’s online service. Not only that, but the current PSN service is much more reliable than XBL, with XBL reportedly going down frequently, though we’re not sure why. PSN does not do this. The Playstation Store also looks better, although that is neither here nor their, it has to be somewhere. We know many people who used to be 360 devotees converted themselves to the PS3 for various reasons, the online capabilities and reliability and other such things.

Sony secured the rights for a bundle, which is considerably more effective than the TV adverts for the 360 version that have been around for the last day or two.

The PS3 version is also outselling the 360 version. In Asda alone it is outselling 3:1 in favour of the PS3, which has to say something.

So as you can see, the 360 is only ahead in terms of episodic content, but you’re paying extra for that, and it’s not really necessary anyway. We never downloaded extra content for San Andreas, but it’s still lasted for a long, long time. GTA games are big games, they always have been, any extra content is not really an important thing when there is so much to do without it – especially since there’s multiplayer too. Plus, the PS3 will get the content eventually too, and it’ll get its own in the meantime.

So the PS3 wins. We’re sorry, but it does. Nothing goes in the 360’s favour unless you’re completely blind, so step away from denial, you don’t want to get wet.