GTA IV Friend Special Abilities

So you’re taking Roman to the bar, getting pissed and playing pool, but what does that get you? Spend time with certain story characters and they’ll become your friend, calling you to do certain activities – do enough of these and you’ll unlock that character’s special ability, assuming you can keep their friendship level high enough.

Take Roman bowling, playing darts and pool, boozing, eating or to the strip club, and at 60% you’ll be able to use his cab service free of charge from anywhere on the map.

Little Jacob
Rastaman Jacob loves nothing more than darts, strip clubs, shows, drinking, eating and pool. At just 60% he’ll drive out to wherever you are with a car full of guns for purchase. Invaluable when you’re nowhere near a gun shop.

Brucie’s a superb character – take him bowling, drinking and eating, to the strip clubs, cabaret shows, helicopter rides and boating, and at 70% you’ll be able to make use of his helicopter for quick travel to sections of the map.

Dwayne likes strip clubs, eating and drinking, shows and bowling. Do enough and at 60% you can call on him for backup – he’ll bring a car full of tough guys to help you out when needed.

Our Irish friend likes clubs, shows and bars, and at 75% you’ll be able to make good use of his ability to convert any car into a massive bomb.