Solid Goes Limp?

In celebration of MGS4 going gold Konami held a celebration in Japan. There some questionable product tie-ins were revealed such as motorcycles, iPods, energy drinks and more. But most important of all Kojima proved once again to be the biggest tease in the industry by hinting at an upcoming project which is a sequel. People assume that the sequel is for the Metal Gear franchise but it might potentially be for any of Kojima’s other games, such as Zone of The Enders, Policenauts or Snatcher.

A sequel to Snatcher is not unlikely as Goichi Suda has previously expressed his interest in working on one with Kojima. But the event being Metal Gear specific it is more likely a Metal Gear related project, and since Kojima has said that he is definitely done with Snake and will be moving on after MGS4, we can assume that the next Metal Gear title is no longer going to be Solid.