August Edge Scores

The PS3 scores for August’s edition of Edge are as follows;

Metal Gear Solid 4 = 8


Metal Gear Solid has always been a story in the face of obsolescence, and if this is really it for Kojima’s chapter-and who knows, maybe the entire series-his duty has been fulfilled. MGS4 is not the game it could have been; nor is it the game it would have been had the series grown with the benefit of hindsight; nor is it the game it should have been if you believed that early trailer. But it is faithful to its fans, its premise, and its heart, delivering an experience that is, in so many ways, without equal. In years to come, as people stand before the grave marked ‘Tactical Espionage Action’, they’ll feel little choice but to salute.

Other games:

Haze = 5
Race Driver: Grid = 9
Lego Indiana Jones = 6
Civilization Revolutions = 8
Iron Man = 2