PlayStation Blog To Cover Europe?

At the foot of the First Birthday post on the Official Blog is the comment “we’re speaking with our counterparts in Europe to bring more PlayStation news to you from that part of the world.”

Rumours have surfaced this morning that this could mean that the US Blog will now be covering European news in absence of a ‘proper’ European PlayStation blog. Currently that role is given to, SCEE’s semi-official blog, but most Europeans would rather that be converted into an official European blog and feature the same kind of feedback and personality that the American fans enjoy.

We don’t think this is what it means, though. As we said in our First Birthday post yesterday, the official US blog ran one of our stories in the ‘PlayStation Conversation’ boxout, and as we’re obviously a European site we simply think this means that the US blog is now open to featuring stories from sites not based in the States. Like us.

Panic over.