Around The Web: 20/06/08

We try to cover all the juicy stuff here on TheSixthAxis, but obviously a fair bit of stuff slips the net, so to speak.

Well, worry no longer, because every Friday lunchtime we’ll bring you a complete round up of all the week’s news that we didn’t directly feature on the site, in a lovely little list of HREFs that are guaranteed to make your IT department quiver at the knees.


Stringer Has A Plan
Real Nico
PS3 Attitude Prototype Interview
Reeves Remembers Europe, A Bit
Game Steals From Other Games
TSA Gets New Need For Speed A Bit Wrong
TSA Gets New Firmware A Bit Right
Media Molecule Talk Plushies
Man Tries To Get Famous
Website Tries To Get Hits
Resident Evil 5 Not Timed Exclusive
Dark Cloud 3 PS3 Exclusive

Did we miss any?