Atari Threatens Review Site

Ah, The Internet, it’s such a fun place to be. So, when your Big White Hope gets a 3/10 just a day after it’s leaked on the internet, as a publisher you’ve got every right to be pissed off, right? Well, both GameReactor and are sticking with their 3/10 review scores, with the latter site claiming that it was bought from a retailer on Tuesday – European outlets often break street dates and this appears to be no exception.

Now Atari are claiming that‘s 68% review is via a pirate copy, despite the German site being a hugely influence and well respected European gaming website. In addition, the publisher is apparently sueing the site to the sum of 50,000 Euros. According to Kotaku 4Players’ EIC Jörg Luibl says that Atari’s lawyers have accused them of “breaking the law and violating the rights of their client” all because 4Players reviewed the game prior to its release, but without using a copy sent to them by Atari.


Naturally, this isn’t that rare at all, we’ve reviewed games we’ve bought ourselves too, and we can categorically say we’ve not done so from pirated versions although obviously we can’t vouch for any other site. 4Players insist that they got their copy from a “trusted dealer”, which as Kotaku say could well just be a firendly local videogame shop manager cracking open his shipment of the game before the street date, and it could be a leaked copy of the game, too.

We’ve got a review of Hulk this afternoon. If anyone’s counting, it’s from a review copy.