We Want You!

BRITONS. People From Britain. British People. We want you. Not all of you, mind, but the best. The very best. Failing that, we’ll take the duffers.

Seriously, TheSixthAxis is looking for inspiring writers with no sense of personal space or dignity to join our team. You’ll be writing cutting edge news stories, digging deep for exclusive rumours and scribbling the best prose known to man, all from your Mother’s basement. If you can prove your worth over an SAS-class assault course and cook better than Gordon Ramsey’s mum, you might just be what we’re looking for, but you’ll also need a good head for gaming, a keen eye for typos and you’ll know your grammar, or at least your Grandpa, like the back of your hand.

Interested? Want to ride the crystal waves of TSA and make us the best British gaming blog this side of all the others? Cool, email us with some example work, along with a few details about yourself, and we’ll take it from there. No photos please, we don’t care what you look like.