More Burnout Paradise Update Info

Criterion have released more info on the PlayStation.Blog about their latest update ‘Cagney’ with the more interesting stuff being: 3 new Online Game Modes, and 70 new Online Timed Challenges in addition to support for Custom Soundtracks on PlayStation 3. Which is very cool.

Personally I admire Criterion for keeping their updates free, when most developers would have charged a fair amount for such extra content (map packs for Resistance: Fall of Man, anyone?).


Criterion do however, remain tight-lipped about whether they will support trophies or not; a feature of firmware 2.40 that developers have to enable in their existing games via a patch if they so choose to. Nothing is mentioned in their very detailed release notes, but I suppose a surprise is always possible. These developers eh? They can be so sneaky at times!