Sony E3 Live Blog

We’ll be attempting another Live Blog starting here at 7pm tonight, all being well, reporting on the Sony E3 press conference direct from Los Angeles. For our predictions in the meantime click here, and we’ll see you back here at 7pm.

Update: we’re all set and ready to go. Posts on this page will update automatically, there’s absolutely no need to refresh (indeed, please don’t). Assuming all goes well, that is. Last time was a disaster but we’ve got some pennies in the meter and we’re hoping our server holds out.

  • And that’s it, show over guys. We’ll tidy this up in a bit once the server dies down, add some pictures etc.
  • This could be MAG. Apparently not possible on any other console. Ah, it IS from Zipper. LOL. Man, that leak was the full damned thing. 256 players. Teams broken into 8 player squads. This could be wonderful. Full character growth and campaigns provide long terms goals. Ongoing faction based battles. Well, trailer looks cool. Like Warhawk x 20.

  • inFamous now. Looks cool. Damn thing’s loud, anyway. Kinda like Crackdown, but you all knew that anyway. Set for Spring 2009.
  • God Of War III. Are we gonna see it? Yes. Right, it’s just a teaser.

  • OK, this is probably the last line-up. LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2, MGS 4, Quantum of Solace, Socom, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur IV, Resistance 2, The Agency, Naruto, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, SingStar, Guitar Hero WT, NBA 09, Buzz!, Killzone 2…
  • Now it’s talking heads. Publishers saying how wonderful the PS3 is. Desperate for someone to say “it’s shit”. Good god this is terrible.
  • Wonder if he’s wrapping up. Seems like it. 80GB – in September will have same functionality as the 40GB. $399.99.
  • DC Universe Online. Jim Lee, creator of DC Universe Online. He did some push-ups. He’s LITERALLY pumped. The man is seriously hooked on MMOs. Remember kids, drugs are bad, mmkay. He’s well geeky. Geeky people are clapping. Cool people are like WTF? This is the first peak at the game. It’s got Batman in, and Superman. And voice-over man. Not for me. Total comic-book overload, third person scrapper, as far as I can see.

  • Come on Sony, this is when you need to do it. Right, back to PS3. Google. GOOGLE. What? Oh right, that Life thing. News, weather, etc. Life with Playstation available at the end of the month.
  • Doubt it. Anyway, he’s now moved onto PSP. New bundle. Ratchet and Clank Size Matters + National Treasures 2 on UMD, 1 GIG stick and EchoChrome on PSN. $199. PSP: Resistance Retribution. Interesting. Looks like a third person shooter. Spring 2009. Patapon 2, Loco Roco 2. SUPER STARDUST PORTABLE. Oh yes, E3 saved.
  • New home video service. Thankfully not just Sony films. Fox, MGM, Lionsgate, Warner, Disney, Paramount, Turner. Rental and sales. TV starts are $1.99, movies from $2.99. Content is portable, you’ll be able to save stuff to your PSP. Eric Lempel – going to show us how the Movie store works. Panic for a second, PSN had logged him out. New tab with ‘video’, flips over to the Video Store slickly. Reasonably cool, the backgrounds all change. Expect this to happen to the Games bit too. Preview button shows that movie’s trailer. Eric talking about the PSP connectivity. Little bit dull. Wonder if they’ve got any surprises. Oh. Looks like all this is all live tonight. Wonder if that’s UK too? LULZ.

  • Trophies now. Providing users the ability to brag about their achievements. PSN is working on providing high Trophy scorers special features. Home. Still not ready, then. The ultimate social experience for gamers. Just not yet. New Home video. Sony, not really fussed unless we can play the damned thing. Jack looks smug. Course he does, he probably has Home access.
  • Onto GT 5 Prologue, talking about GT TV. Wait. Pay per view? Top Gear. Interesting. Nurburgring 24h, reasonably interesting. Ferrari stuff. We’ve to pay for this? Rly? But we’re still getting weather and damage, right? How bizarre. Content starts August 1st.
  • PSN. Wipeout, right? COME ON JACK. Ratchet and Clank. Close. It’s a shorter game, lower price, available at Summer over PSN. Action, suspense and mystery. And humour. Continues from the last game. Focus more on platforming and exploration. Actually looks pretty good. Not really a surprise though, is it Jack? $14.99 apparently. Right, PSN showreel time. Flower, Pain… Crash Commando. Fat Princess. Heh. It’s a FAT princess. Eden. Pain, Flower. Again, but a bit longer. Siren Blood Curse. Ooh, Ragdoll Kung Fu. Media Molecule?

  • Onto to PSN. All PlayStation users will have a single sign-on. PC too – you’ll be able to send friend messages via your PC. Jack looks a bit bored. 180 million downloads from PSN since launch. That’s a lot.
  • Oh, what? He’s now talking about PlayStation 2.  Looks like plenty of games still coming out this year for PS2.  Mercenaries 2? Er.  Talking about Buzz! Presumably the Americans don’t have the PS3 version yet. Oh, yeah. September. HA! On to SingStar. 10/10, we heard. Wow, 2 million songs bought over SingStore. New bundle: Lego Batman PS2 bundle, with game and a DVD. $149. Is that good? What’s a dollar? Is it like a penny? I’m getting bored.
  • Back to Tretton. He’s stuttering. Oh. Littlebigplanet. Create, play, share. LBP allows gamers to design games. Heh. This could be cool. They’re doing the boring business bit via LBP. Aw, it’s Alex. Hi Alex. Awesome. This is really cool. We’ll have screens soon. All demonstrated via Sackboy in a custom level. Really, really smart. It’s boring figures, but brilliantly executed. Greatest Hits program: best PS3 games available at $29.99. Resistance, Motorstorm and Warhawk. Plus COD3, Fight Night, NFS Carbon. Rainbow Six Vegas, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden. We love Alex’s accent. Still saying ‘October’ for a release date. Very slick, Sony, way better than Nintendo’s crappy charts.

  • Resistance 2 first, then. Wow, big monster. Must be the Blu-ray. No, seriously, it’s massive. Like Cloverfield massive. But yeah, this is a massive monster. Dude needs some grenades or something. This won’t be coming across very well in text. It’s cool, though, noisy. Did I mention the big monster? Clapping. Not much hollering. This is AMERICA people. Holler. Something about Chicago. Yeah yeah, we lost Manchester punk. Where were you then? Anyway, bloke is talking.Resistance 2 is all about ‘Scale’, says skinny man. Players will traverse the United States. Bottom line is that Resistance 2 offers more than any other shooter this year. Bloke is Ted Price. Hi Ted. Now we get a new trailer. Looks like the one we already saw on GameTrailers, mind. Cool trailer, though. More clapping. *clap*

  • WIPEOUT IS FREE. Just kidding. He’s still talking about boring stuff. Folding @ Home does not make a good E3. MGS4 exclusive to the PS3. Good. Oh good, he’s back onto games. Talking about games so far this year, MGS, GTA, GT 5 Prologue. PS3 more exclusives than any other console, apparently. 75. 75? Really? PS3. Right, what’s this?
  • Right, Here we go. 2008 is the year of the PS3. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface. 1993 was 15 years ago, almost to the day was when Sony decided to make their own console. Talking about a 10 year cycle for the PS1. God of War was introduced in the 7th year of the PS2. 10 year vision for the PS3, too. See what he did there? Blu-ray format victorious because of the PS3. Same with Cell and IBM.

  • It’s some kind of intro movie. Very loud, and the music’s shit. Can I say that? Jack Tretton. He’s had ‘fun’. He says E3 is stressful. Doesn’t look ‘stressed’ to us.WTF. He’s talking about Oscars. I presume. Wow. Americans laugh funny. Kratos. We’ll be seeing God of War, then.