TSA Challenged!

After the musical “No Home ’til September” post a few days back, TSA was contacted by another site asking if we wanted to have a little “parody off” as they called it.  We don’t generally appreciate anyone saying two-word phrases that end in “off” to us, but after further reading we realised the site wanted to see if they could write a better singy-songy ha-ha than us.

TSA said yes, of course, and by a week on Friday the two efforts will be published for you to decide the winner.  Thing is, I thought it’d be most cool to let TSA decide which song I should use for my effort.  So, over to you TSA readers; use the comments below to suggest songs that I can use.  Alex will tell you that I have as much musical knowledge as George Bush has brain cells, so anything too obscure will go sailing over my head.  Band and song please, so I can track down lyrics.

And remember, a week on Friday.  We want to win.  You know what to do.